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2015 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour:

We have already done a lot of planning and preparation for the 2015 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour.  It should be a fascinating and worthwhile trip.  It is tentatively scheduled for July 9-23, 2015, and will visit Shanghai, Nanjing, Harbin, Beijing, and Seoul.  The topics that will be covered will include comfort women, biological warfare, Nanking Massacre, Rabe Museum, chemical warfare, forced laborers, lawsuits in Japanese and Chinese courts, and international textbook unification. The visits will include discussions with survivors, Chinese/Japanese/Korean historians and researchers, film makers, NGO activists and lawyers, and museum curators.

Details of the itinerary, cost, financial support, and application form will be available later this year.  The application deadline will be February 15, 2015, and the participants will be selected by late March or early April 2015.

2014 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour:

The 2014 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour has been successfully completed. The tour was organized by Toronto ALPHA.  There was a total of 19 participants, with six representing NJ-ALPHA.  The tour took place July 12-24, 2014, and visited Shanghai, Nanjing, Harbin, and Seoul.

A reflection of this tour can be found in:

The six participants from NJ-ALPHA included four teachers/educators/other related professionals and two active staff members of NJ-ALPHA:

  • Robert Gangi:  A high school history/Holocaust teacher at East Brunswick High School in East Brunswick, NJ
  • Debi Maller:  A high school English/Holocaust teacher at Rahway High School in Rahway, NJ
  • John McLaughlin:  Ph.D. in History, LLB in Law, and Masters in Theology, and author of the book General Albert C. Wedemeyer:  America’s Unsung Strategist in WWII:  A retired historian/lecturer from Short Hills, NJ, and currently still teaches at Rutgers University Adult Education School and the Columbia High School Adult Education School in NJ
  • Robin Lung:  A film maker from Honolulu, currently making the documentary “Finding KUKAN,” based on the long-lost documentary “KUKAN” that won the first Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1941.  Part of KUKAN was filmed on the roof of the American Embassy in Chongqing when the Japanese was regularly bombing Chongqing, the war-time capital of China
  • Betty Hsianglin Ma-Choy:  A retired biomedical/pharmaceutical researcher in NJ, a Chinese language teacher, and a volunteer community activist in the health field.  Betty is participating in this tour as an active NJ-ALPHA representative
  • Don Tow:  President of NJ-ALPHA, a retired physicist/engineer, long-time involvement in campus and community activities

The testimonials of the four non-staff members, as well as the testimonials of previous tour participants can be found below (after you add the testimonials of Robert Gangi, Debi Maller, Robin Lung, and John McLaughlin, which you should be able to get from Rosa Yeh):

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