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The next Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour will be July 14-27. 2017 (14 days/13 nights). A report of the 2015 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour can be found in the Events page.

Itinerary: The 2017 Study Tour will be a two-week immersion program in the history of WWII in Asia, focusing on the atrocities experienced by the Chinese and Koreans. Below we give a brief summary of the itinerary:

  1. Shanghai (7/14-17):
    • Comfort Women Research Center of Shanghai Normal University
    • Sihang Warehouse Museum
    • One-day excursion to Quzhou to visit the “Quzhou Museum on Japanese Germ Warfare in China” (侵华日军细菌战衢州展览馆)
    • Shanghai Bund and Shanghai skyline
    • Comfort House
  2. Nanjing (7/17-7/19):
    • Ginling College (part of the International Safety Zone)
    • “The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders” (also known as the Nanking Massacre Museum)
    • Presentation by Tamaki Matsuoka, known as “The Conscience of Japan,” and see her documentary “Torn Memories of Nanjing”
    • John Rabe and International Safety Zone Memorial Hall
  3. Beijing (7/19-7/22):
    • Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Discuss slave laborer issues and “10,000 Cries for Justice”
    • Tiananmen Square
    • Marco Polo Bridge and “Museum of the War of Chinese People’s Resistance Against Japanese Aggression” (also known as WWII History Museum)
    • Great Wall at Mutinyu
  4. Harbin (7/22-7/24):
    • “Museum of War Crime Evidence by Japanese Army Unit 731” (also known as Unit 731 Museum)
    • Jewish Museum of History and Culture
  5. Seoul, South Korea (7/24-7/27):
    • “War and Women’s Human Rights Museum” of “The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan”
    • “House of Sharing and the Museum of Sexual Slavery for Japanese Military”
    • New Comfort Women Memorial “Korean and Chinese Women Statues of Peace”
    • New Comfort Women site at Nam San
    • Weekly Comfort Women Rally in front of Japanese Embassy in Seoul

The tour will include discussions with victims/survivors, eyewitnesses, museum curators, Chinese/Japanese/Korean historians and researchers, NGO community leaders and activists, legal experts and other professionals.

This tour is intended for people who are interested to learn more about the history of WWII in Asia and how this history has been largely neglected, and furthermore, are willing to do something to rectify these injustices, as well as preventing this kind of atrocity from being repeated in the future anywhere in the world. Participants could be:

  • teachers/educators
  • film makers
  • journalists
  • historians/researchers
  • lawyers
  • community leaders
  • activists
  • other professionals.

Cost: The total cost of the tour is estimated to be approximately $4,700 U.S. (the exact cost will depend on factors such as the exact air travel costs and the conversion rate between U.S. dollar and the Chinese yuan). For those who need financial help, NJ-ALPHA will provide a fellowship that will pay for all the in-country (in-China and in-Korea) expenses (including room, board, domestic travel by bus, train, plane, admission charges, and tour guide expenses), estimated to be approximately $2,700 U.S. The participant will be responsible for his/her international travel (including the cost of the flight from Harbin to Seoul) and visa application fees, which are expected to total approximately $2,000 U.S. (not counting miscellaneous personal expenses, if any). Participants who do not need financial support or need only partial financial support are of course also welcome to apply.

Application: The application deadline is February 1, 2017, and the participants will be selected by late March 2017. Click application for the Application form. Click brochure for a one-page publicity flyer.

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