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The next Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour (or Asia Study Tour for short) is scheduled for the summer of 2022 (tentatively scheduled from July 6, 2022 to July 21, 2022).  It is an intensive 15-day immersion program on the history of WWII in Asia.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was postponed from 2020 to 2021, and then to 2022.  At the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022, we will make a go/no-go decision on whether it can be held in summer 2022.

Objective:  The objective is to increase the participants’ knowledge of WWII history in Asia, especially with respect to the massive and inhumane atrocities committed by the Japanese military in China, Korea, and other countries in Asia.  Hopefully upon their return, they would help with the movement to establish peace and reconciliation by seeking justice for these atrocities, so that atrocities such as these will not happen again anywhere on earth.

The targeted participants are Americans and Canadians,  from the following professions:  teachers & educators, documentary film makers, historians & researchers, college students, lawyers, community leaders & activists, as well as other professions.  The number of participants will be 15-20.

The 2022 Asia Study Tour will visit the following cities covering the following topics:

  • Yunnan, China (7/6 – 7/10): Germ warfare, comfort women (or sex slaves), Battles of Songshan, Dianxi War of Resistance Museum (Dianxi refers to this region in Yunnan), Ledo Road (also known as Stilwell Road).
  • Chongqing (7/10 – 7/13):  Life in wartime capital, Chongqing Bombing Victim Redress Movement,  Three Gorges Museum, and the Jianchuan Museum, one of the largest privately owned museums in China.  Discussion with Mr. Tong Zeng of Beijing (and originally from Chongqing), leader of China’s redress movement, will come to Chongqing to discuss China’s redress movement.  Will also discuss with Professor Zhang Tao, Director of the “Institute of Research on the U.S.” at the Sichuan International Studies University and Mr. Zhou Limin from Shandong Province on the topic “the most unique diplomat Anson Burlingame (U.S. Ambassador to China 1861-1867) and also (China’s Ambassador to the U.S. 1867-1870).
  • Nanjing (7/13 – 7/16):  Nanking Massacre Museum, John Rabe Center, Ginling College (where American Minnie Vautrin used to work, and current name is Nanjing Normal University), Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum.  Tamaki Matsuoka (noted Japanese elementary school teacher turned activist and documentary film maker) of Osaka, Japan, Professor Su Zhiliang (world’s foremost authority on Comfort Women) of Shanghai, and Kang Jian (China’s leading lawyer on various redress movement lawsuits) of Beijing will come to Nanjing to address our group.
  • Harbin (7/16 – 7/18):  The Museum of War Crime Evidence by Japanese Army Unit 731, Jewish Museum of History and Culture.
  • Seoul, South Korea (7/18 – 7/21):  The Korea Council’s War & Women’s Human Rights Museum, the House of Sharing, weekly Wednesday Rally on Comfort Women at Japanese Embassy in Seoul (world’s oldest rally on a single theme, since 1992).

Finance:  NJ-ALPHA will give each selected participant a fellowship that will pay for all the in-country (in China and in South Korea) travel and living expenses (estimated to be worth about $3,500).  Each participant will be responsible for his/her own international travel (including the international airfare from Harbin, China to Seoul, South Korea) and his/her visa application fees, which should total around $2,000.

Besides providing a fellowship, this Asia Study Tour provides a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience and a life-changing experience (based on the words of many former participants).

Application:  Click here for a copy of the application form, including the instructions.  The application deadline is 2/1/2022, and the selection will be decided by 4/2/2022.

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