Testimonial of Suzanne Steckert

Suzanne Steckert 
English Teacher – Mount Pleasant Middle School
Livingston Public School, Livingston, New Jersey
2015 Asia Study Tour Participant

 This trip to China was life changing, both professionally and personally.  I am a veteran teacher who chooses professional development opportunities with great care.  I have participated in summer programs with Earthwatch, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Geographic Society and NASA.  NJ-ALPHA’s educators tour puts participants in touch with survivors, eyewitnesses, lecturers, filmmakers, museums and field trips of high caliber.

Although it was difficult at times to hear about the topics of comfort women, biological and chemical warfare, medical experiments on Chinese soldiers conducted by the Japanese, and the Nanking Massacre, the information we gained will allow us to share the Chinese history of WWII with our students and colleagues.

We were provided with many resources as well.  The participants were an impressive group of dedicated professionals who shared ideas and classroom innovations.    Our leader, Don Tow, made sure all of our needs were met, questions were answered and understanding complete.  On a more personal level, the trip enabled me to experience a new culture and global perspective of China.  Many, many thanks for this profound opportunity.

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