Emperor Hirohito’s 1945 Surrender Speech: Beginning of 70 Years of Rewriting History:

The author of the article, Mr. George Koo, wrote “If you read Emperor Hirohito’s1945 surrender speech, you will have a better understanding of why the self-image of post-war Japan can be so vastly different from the view of Japan by others.” Koo wrote the ambiguity of Emperor’s concession “has allowed Japan to begin revising history. It’s as if denying all the brutalities committed in the past can exonerate the present from any collective guilt. Just the opposite is true. The people of Asia will continue to remind Japan until there is only one version of the tragic history of World War II.” You can read Mr. Koo’s full article at: http://atimes.com/2015/08/august-1945-japans-hirohito-conceded-he-did-not-surrender/

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