Announcing a New Public Website:

An important new website “10000 Cries for Justice” (or “一萬個正義的呼聲” in Chinese) was officially launched to the world in a press conference in Beijing on July 22, 2015. The URL for the bilingual website is To see the news release, click Chinese or English, respectively for the Chinese or English version.

The objective of the website is to create a digital archive of the written history from the Chinese victims of WWII crying for justice, and make available to the world these thousands of letters that Mr. Tong Zeng (童增) received 20+ years ago. This digital archive documenting the first-hand experience of the victims provides powerful evidence to refute all the false claims made by the Japanese government. It provides a powerful tool to learn from history. By finally resolving the long-overdue injustices, it will help to establish genuine friendship between the Japanese people and the Chinese people, and true peace between Japan and China, as well as other countries.

The following are 2 Chinese news media articles that came out on 7/22/15 reporting on that press conference:

* Media article 1:

* Media article 2:

More information about the website can be found from the website itself:

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