2014 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour: July 12-24, 2014

The 2014 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour took place July 12-24, 2014.  The tour visited Shanghai, Nanjing, and Harbin in China, and Seoul in South Korea.  The 2014 tour was organized by Toronto ALPHA.  There was a total of 19 participants from Canada and the U.S., including teachers, educators, film producers, lawyers, and other professionals.  NJ-ALPHA sent six people to the tour (including two NJ-ALPHA staff members).  Based on the feedback from the participants, the tour was very educational and successful.   From the Study Tour page, you can read the testimonies from the NJ-ALPHA participants from 2014 and earlier years.

Ongoing Event: Fundraising Campaign

We have an ongoing fundraising campaign soliciting contributions from individuals, foundations, and companies. Our largest expense each year is the fellowships we provide to help sponsor a group of participants to the Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour. The target participants are:

  • High school/middle school/college teachers/educators
  • Reporters/journalists, film makers, lawyers, other professionals
  • Community leaders, activists

The Asia Study Tour is an intensive two-week immersion program to enhance the participants’ understanding of the historical, cultural, and political background of the Asian countries during the Asia-Pacific War 1931-1945. More information about the Asia Study Tour can be found in the “Study Tour” page.

The donations are also used to support a variety of programs that NJ-ALPHA sponsors each year for our schools and our communities. The services of all NJ-ALPHA officers are donated.

We especially encourage donors to seek matching contributions from their employers via programs such as United Way.

We have received donations from many people, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. A contribution of $3,000 will sponsor one participant for the Asia Study Tour, and the donor can name a fellowship to honor a person or an organization of the donor’s choice for one year. If one contributes $15,000, then the donor can name a fellowship to honor a person or an organization of the donor’s choice for five years. For the 2017 Asia Study Tour, NJ-ALPHA would like to sponsor 15 participants, and that alone would require $45,000.

We have the following categories of donors:

  • Benefactors: $15,000 or more
  • Sponsors: $3,000 – $14,999
  • Diamond Donors: $1,000 – $2,999
  • Platinum Donors: $500 – $999
  • Gold Donors: $300 – $499
  • Silver Donors: $100 – $299
  • Bronze Donors: Any amount up to $99

A receipt will be sent whenever a donation is received.

NJ-ALPHA is an established non-profit educational 501(c)(3) organization duly registered with the U.S. federal government (Federal Tax I.D. # is 73-1734843). We welcome your tax-deductible donations of any amount. Checks should be made payable to NJ-ALPHA, and mailed to:

P. O. Box 1121
Piscataway, NJ 08855

Editorial: U.S.’s inconsistent policy and unfinished business regarding biological and chemical weapons

On August 26, 2013, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said “The use of chemical weapons in attacks on civilians in Syria last week was undeniable and that the Obama administration would hold the Syrian government accountable for a ‘moral obscenity’ that has shocked the world’s conscience.” But on the much greater ‘moral obscenity’ of massive biological and chemical weapons that Japan unleashed on China during WWII, there is much unfinished business involving the U.S. also.

During WWII, the Japanese Imperial Army deployed biological and chemical weapons in China thousands of times in over a dozen provinces, killing hundreds of thousands of Chinese and injuring many more. There are survivors who are still suffering from the damages inflicted on them about 70, 75 years ago, including the rotten-leg-disease victims 1. Biological weapons included anthrax, bubonic plague, cholera, glanders 2. Chemical weapons included mustard gas, cyanide, and other poison gases. All these biological and chemical weapons were prohibited by the Geneva Convention of 1925 which was also signed by Japan. Furthermore, there are still hundreds of thousands of chemical weapons abandoned in China by the Japanese by burying them underground or dumping them into rivers. These chemical weapons are frequently accidentally exploded killing many innocent victims and still waiting to be excavated, a responsibility required of Japan by the United Nations’ 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention.

Sixty eight years have passed since the end of WWII, yet the Japanese government still has not officially acknowledged and apologized for the massive and inhumane atrocities that the Japanese Imperial Army committed in China and other parts of Asia during WWII. As a matter of fact, her political leaders including her prime ministers, have even denied the occurrence of these atrocities, and claimed that they were fabricated by the victims. The U.S., being the country that put Japan back on her feet after the end of WWII, has tremendous influence on Japan, and could have easily persuaded Japan to acknowledge and apologize for their WWII crimes against humanity, as was done by Germany. Not only that the U.S. has turned a blind eye on the actions or inactions of Japan, she has groomed Japan to be her junior partner to pursue her dangerous policy to surround, contain, and weaken China. The U.S. is even willing to go to war by declaring that even though the territorial sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands is unsettled, the Diaoyu Islands are under the U.S.-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty. For a more detailed discussion of this issue, see the article “The U.S.’s Military-Industrial-Academic Complex”: http://www.dontow.com/2013/09/the-u-s-s-military-industrial-academic-complex/.

Turning a blind eye to such moral obscenity actually goes back to the end of WWII. The leaders and top scientists and medical doctors who ran Unit 731, Japan’s massive research center and factory of biological and chemical weapons near Harbin in Northeast China during WWII were never prosecuted. Their crimes against humanity included performing many vivisections on live humans. Why? According to the American doctor and medical historian Dr. Martin Furmanski, who researched this issue and wrote “In a disgraceful agreement with the Japanese biological weapons war criminals, the U.S. offered immunity from war crimes prosecution in exchange for the scientific data the Japanese had collected from murdering Chinese citizens, as well as citizens of other countries, both in their laboratories and in field applications. The official U.S. and Japanese policy became one of denying the existence of the Japanese biological weapons program.” 3

For the U.S. to take the high moral ground to condemn Syria’s use of chemical weapons, she must be consistent and pressure her junior partner Japan to join the rank of civilized countries by acknowledging and apologizing her massive and inhumane atrocities committed during WWII, including the extensive use of biological and chemical weapons.

1 See the article “Japan’s Biological and Chemical Warfare in China during WWII”: http://www.dontow.com/2009/04/japans-biological-and-chemical-warfare-in-china-during-wwii/.
2 See the article “Heroic and Critical Battles in Yunnan During WWII”: http://www.dontow.com/2009/08/heroic-and-critical-battles-in-yunnan-during-wwii/.
3 Dr. Martin Furmanski’s article “An Investigation of the Afflicted Area of Anthrax and Glanders Attacks by Japanese Aggressors” in the book Blood-Weeping Accusations: Records of Anthrax Victims, by Li Xiaofang, 2005.
* Quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.