Testimonial Maryann McLoughlin

Maryann McLoughlin
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
2008 China Study Tour Participant

Our trip leaders were wise and knowledgeable about many aspects of Chinese culture as well as the genocidal events that happened in China.  The tour guides exhausted themselves accommodating any requests that we had.  Our flights were well-arranged and coordinated.  Korean Airlines has fabulous service.  Two out of three of our hotels were five stars.

The museums were well designed and modern:  ShanghaiMuseum, CCPMuseum, Nanjing MemorialMuseum, and the ChangdeGermWarfare Museum.  The cultural sites such as the Water Village, Sun Yatsen Mausoleum, and the Scholar’s Garden were nicely laid out and had spots for contemplation and reflection.

Food was excellent; you’ll never be satisfied with American Chinese food after eating “real” Chinese cuisine.  Trip also offered xcellent shopping opportunities.

I have never been on any other study tour that was as wonderful educationally as well as culturally and socially.

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