Talks and Films about the “Forgotten Atrocity” of WWII, Madison Public Library, NJ, 4/19/14

Talks and Films about the “Forgotten Atrocity” of WWII at the Madison Public Library:

  • “Brief Overview of the “Forgotten Atrocity” of WWII
    Don M. Tow:  Ph.D. and President of NJ-ALPHA (15 minutes)
  •  “John Magee’s Testament”
    Private film by American missionary John Magee during the Nanking Massacre in 1937 (25 minutes)
  •  “Unit 731 Japanese Human Medical Experiments”
    Part 2 of 5-part program from History Channel – 1998 (10 minutes)
  • “Torn Memories of Nanjing”
    Abridged version of documentary film by Tamaki Matsuoka (13 minutes)
  •  “Good People Facing Atrocities”
    Sharon Dolled:  Special Education Teacher, Memorial Middle School, Howell, and participant of the 2012 Peace & Reconciliation Asia Study Tour (30 minutes)

Click here for the flyer of the event

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