Series of Tamaki Matsuoka Events

In April 2016, we had a series of events in NJ and NY featuring Tamaki Matsuoka, known as the “Conscience of Japan.” Tamaki Matsuoka, a Japanese elementary school history teacher who during the last 28 years has tried to find out just exactly what happened in Nanking during the Nanking Massacre (December 1937 – January 1938). During this process, she has become a journalist, researcher, and activist. She interviewed more than 250 former Japanese soldiers who fought in Nanking during that period, and over 300 Nanking Massacre Chinese survivors. She has traveled between Japan and China more than 90 times during this period.

She has written numerous articles, produced several documentary films, and published several books, including the just published (March 2016) English book Torn Memories of Nanking. The awards she has won include:

  • Japan Congress of Journalist Prize (2003)
  • The Nanking Massacre Contribution Award (2004)
  • Her documentary film Torn Memories of Nanjing was nominated for the Documentary Film Section at the Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2010.

Click on “Tamaki’s Bio” to access the file “Tamaki Matsuoka Bio-English.pdf.” For more information about Tamaki and her new English book Torn Memories of Nanking, see the article “Torn Memories of Nanking: A Must Read”:

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