October 21, 2017: Readouts by NJ Participants of the 2017 Peace & Reconciliation Asia Study Tour

On the afternoon of Oct. 21, 2017, a public event was held at the YMCA at Berkeley Heights, NJ to hear the reports of the four NJ participants of the 2017 Peace & Reconciliation Asia Study Tour:

  • Sue Elfenbein (Adjudicator, NJ Dept. of Labor): “Nanking Massacre Survivor and Museum”
  • Bill Hegerich (Head, Social Studies Teacher, Ocean County Vocational and Technical School): “Sex Slaves”
  • Felicia Panny (Social Studies Teacher): “Germ Warfare”
  • Lisa Wiater (English Teacher, Ridgewood High School): “Upstanders: John Magee, John Rabe, Minnie Vautrin”

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