2014 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour: July 12-24, 2014

The 2014 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour took place July 12-24, 2014.  The tour visited Shanghai, Nanjing, and Harbin in China, and Seoul in South Korea.  The 2014 tour was organized by Toronto ALPHA.  There was a total of 19 participants from Canada and the U.S., including teachers, educators, film producers, lawyers, and other professionals.  NJ-ALPHA sent six people to the tour (including two NJ-ALPHA staff members).  Based on the feedback from the participants, the tour was very educational and successful.   From the Study Tour page, you can read the testimonies from the NJ-ALPHA participants from 2014 and earlier years.

2 thoughts on “2014 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour: July 12-24, 2014

    • Susan,

      As we discussed almost two months ago, yes we will be sponsoring a study tour in 2015. You can find details of the study tour and an application form in the NJ-ALPHA website. Thanks for your interest.

      Don Tow

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